Solving the Social Dilemma

We’ve built incredibly powerful tools, and turned them on ourselves.

Are people willing to pay for social media?

The solution then may be a user pays system. When people hear terms like “paid membership” and “subscription model,” rumours fly. However as the shortcomings of the current model become harder and harder to ignore there is evidence that market sentiment is shifting.


This would be a welcomed feature, but Twitter isn’t likely to hand out millions of blue ticks. Rather profile badges could link to employers or businesses for example. Another implementation could seen journalists could be linked to the various magazines they write for.

Custom colours

“In addition to night mode, you could change the fonts and theme colour of Twitter on your phone and computer. Background colour, links, mentions, hashtags and icons would appear in whatever colour you choose.”

Winds of change

The market is more open to a subscription based social product than ever before which better aligns incentives to deliver a net positive user experience.




Founder of Miit. Interested in breaking down barriers to human connection.

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Andrew Curnow

Andrew Curnow

Founder of Miit. Interested in breaking down barriers to human connection.

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