Outsource Like a Boss!

How to use Freelancers to your advantage.

Choosing the right freelancer.

  • What you will be providing to the freelancer in order to complete the project. For example if you are building a mobile application the app developer will need graphic assets, back end development and hosting. Are you providing these ready to go, or are you expecting the freelancer to produce these also? Sometimes you will only discover things you need after discussions with potential candidates so be ready to adapt your expectations if required.
  • What exactly do you expect to receive from the freelancer at the completion of the project. If you are requesting logo design for example, what format do you want the final product delivered in? And in what resolution? Do you need more than one version?
  • Set a completion date for the project and let candidates know that payment won’t be made for projects that do not reach completion by the due date. Be firm but also realistic. If you’re not sure how long something should take, get some estimates from several candidates and then set a firm date in your final agreement.
  • Include any files that the selected freelancer will need to complete the task in the project description itself. This way if there are any unforeseen issues (read: they need more information) they can be resolved prior to the commencement of the project. If the material is sensitive then use a duplicate set of files that contain the same types of information so there there are no surprises later on.
  • When setting up your project it pays to consider the old adage — Cheap. Fast. Good. Pick two. You should select a budget based on what you can afford. While a higher budget will almost always get you a better finished product, you might be surprised what you can get with a bit of negotiation. Using the tips in this post I was able to build a fully operational Android social media app for less than five thousand dollars, something that would have cost ten times that using a traditional developer.

Getting the best result

Final Tips



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Andrew Curnow

Andrew Curnow

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